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Notes From The Gardens

May 2020

Vining Plants

May 26, 2020|Notes from the Gardens|

Do you have an area in your garden that could use a little pick-me-up? Vining perennials could be what you have been looking for. Climbing plants can create a new dimension to your landscapes.  Get out your arbors, obelisks and trellises, its time to plant some vines! Some common vining [...]

Annual Planting

May 19, 2020|Notes from the Gardens|

As you are strolling through the greenhouses and garden centers this spring, you are probably grabbing some annual plants to brighten up your home. As you collect all of these beautiful plants, you may become overwhelmed by those impulsive buys. Have no fear! Annual planting is a fun way to [...]

April 2020

Lawn Care

April 21, 2020|Notes from the Gardens|

It’s almost that time! Fire up your lawnmowers and weed whips, the grass is starting to green up and grow. From my experience, there are two different types of turf people, those who care about their turf and those who don’t.  It is common to see pristine lawns in suburban [...]

March 2020

A Spring Tradition

March 30, 2020|Notes from the Gardens|

As long as I can remember, collecting pussy willow branches for spring decoration has been a tradition in my family. To this day, I scout the ditches on our family’s property for budding pussy willows.  Once I see the first sight of those silvery buds, I call my Grandma and [...]

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