Donor-advised Funds
Matching Gifts
IRA Rollover

Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a tax-deductible gift to Monk Botanical Gardens. You may make your contribution by check, cash, and credit card – or you may like to discuss other ways to give including stock, IRA rollovers, and matching corporate gifts.

As always, we suggest you consult your individual tax and legal advisor to determine how you can benefit from these changes as you make your gift to Monk Botanical Gardens.

Please contact Darcie Howard at 715-261-6309 if you have any questions.

Give Appreciated Securities (Stock)

This year, consider a gift of appreciated securities. You may be able to deduct the full market value of the gift for both regular and AMT (alternative minimum tax) purposes if you have held the securities for more than one year.

To make a gift of stock to the Gardens, talk to your advisor and then contact us at [email protected] or call Darcie Howard, Executive Director, at 715-261-6309.

Give through your community foundation or donor-advised fund

Your charitable giving can continue through community and family foundations and donor-advised funds—as more and more donors seek professional assistance in efficient management of their charitable dollars and effective grant-making to the causes and charities they value. When you give through your local community foundation or a donor-advised fund managed by your investment firm, you realize an immediate tax benefit and the advantages of professional investment and grant-making services.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match employee charitable donations up to a certain level. Your H.R. department can give you information about matching gifts.

Matching gifts are not limited to large corporations. Even if your company is small or a professional firm, it pays to ask if your employer will match all or part of your charitable gift to Monk Botanical Gardens.

Please let us know about your matching gift and submit company’s matching gift form along with your own gift.

Give using the IRA rollover provision

You may make a gift to the Gardens using the charitable IRA rollover. This provision allows you to donate up to $100,000 of taxable income you receive from the required minimum distribution of an IRA. To qualify for this deduction, you must meet the following criteria:

  • be 70 1/2 or older
  • make the gift transfer directly from a traditional or Roth IRA to Monk Botanical Gardens
  • complete the gift transfer from your IRA by end of the year
  • have IRA Administrator make check payable, and mail directly to:

Darcie Howard
Executive Director
Monk Botanical Gardens
518 S 7th Ave
Wausau, WI 54401

Questions? Please contact us at 715-261-6309 or [email protected]