As we develop the Gardens, we find “Mr. Monk’s Gems” that have persisted throughout the years. We have been busy unearthing areas of the Gardens that have been overtaken by invasive plants, and we have come across a beauty! In our newly expanded area of the Meditation Garden, you can find three unique Tree Peonies that were transplanted from a garden that Mr. Monk had created. At first, we were weary that we had stressed them during the transplant, but they came back this Spring with a blossom to thank us. Tree Peony are unique because they have a woody stem that classify them as a shrub, rather than their herbaceous peony family members. Check out the blossoms on the Tree Peony, Lilacs, Canadian Anemone, Giant Alliums, Catmint, Mayapples, Jacob’s Ladder, Columbine, Weigela, and more at the Gardens!

Tree Peony at Monk Botanical Gardens

Tree Peony

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