A Unique

Master Plan

The Monk Botanical Gardens will greatly enrich the communities of central Wisconsin. With your help we are creating a one-of-a-kind environment where all will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of unique gardens, take advantage of educational opportunities designed to enhance the mind and the body, and spend time with family, friends and neighbors. The thoughtfully designed Garden plan will allow visitors to enjoy the grounds from the earliest stages of their creation.

A Revised Master Plan in 2020

In 2019, the Monk Botanical Gardens board and staff spent countless hours revising our 2005 master plan.  We conducted community charrettes, researched needs and desires of the Wausau community and focussed our revisions on inclusivity, diversity, environmental education and providing unique opportunities to the community to connect with plants while financially supporting the Gardens.

We are very proud to present our 2020 Master Plan.

Read the entire 2020 Master Plan here.

View our latest Annual Report to see how we are doing.

A Unified Vision.

Our members, donors and volunteers plant the seeds for an outstanding public garden with a strong educational and community emphasis. Your in-kind and monetary generosity are invaluable to the Gardens’ growth and success! To make a direct donation click the link below.

monk gardens master plan