Cabin Fever is setting in, and it’s time to start thinking green thoughts. Greenery has a way of calming and relaxing us. As you are taking down your holiday décor, think about adding some greenery to your indoor décor. You can create an inspiring and fresh atmosphere during the last few months of winter by adding plants.  If you have had some trouble with houseplants in the past, don’t worry, artificial plants can create the same effect. Or maybe, try something other than your typical houseplant. Use your creativity to find fun methods of growing to get rid of the winter blues. Some great ways to add some green into your home are:

Soilless Gardening:

Do you want to have plants growing in your home but don’t want to deal with all of the soil? Hydroponics and seed sprouting are great alternatives to typical seed starting methods. Hydroponics is the practice of growing by using substrates other than soil. Many smaller systems have water tanks with fertilizer solutions and aerators to keep plant roots fed and healthy. Household hydroponic systems like Aerogardens are great for growing small greens like herbs and lettuces because of their small size. Small hydroponic systems can also be used to start seedlings to transplant. If you aren’t looking for a new gadget, you might want to consider seed sprouting. Plants, including brassicas, radishes, sunflower, alfalfa, and beans, produce seeds sprouted for eating. Microclimates can be formed with trays and containers to encourage the sprouting of these seeds. All you need is a mason jar, clean seed, water, and some indirect sunlight. If you are looking to harvest microgreens, you will want to let the sprouts form their first set of leaves before harvesting. Nutrient packed greens are super easy to grow!

Marimo Moss Balls:

When I first discovered Marimo Moss Balls, my jaw dropped to the ground. Marimo Moss Balls are a form of spherical algae, not moss at all!  Algae balls are fuzzy little organisms that are happily floating around in freshwater containers. Like plants, they photosynthesize to survive, so they require indirect sunlight to thrive. If they are exposed to too much sunlight, they may get a sunburn, so they are great for office spaces and areas with little light. I have seen many moss ball habitats where people create a terrarium or aquarium-like container for the moss balls to live. All you need is a glass jar, decorative rocks, and some room-temperature fresh water for them to thrive. Try adding some of these quirky little organisms to your décor.

monk gardens moss ball

Taking Care of Your Plants:

You may already have a plethora of house plants, but the temptation to buy new plants is real during the winter. Go ahead and buy more, but be cautious of being overwhelmed by too many plants! Winter is a great time to take care of our existing plants. It is time to repot, treat any diseases, scout and treat insects, prune, and shine up your plants. Give them a boost! Try taking cuttings and offsets from your already established houseplants, you can create beautiful new plant combinations, and you can freshen up your plant stock. Just like perennials and shrubs, houseplants need a prune once in a while to keep in shape. When you prune a plant, think of it as rejuvenating the growth because every cut you make encourages two more branches to grow. Spending some quality time with your plants and digging around in the soil can energize and enlighten anyone on a gloomy day.

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