A new garden gem, the Master Gardeners’ Shade and Hosta Garden, is now open for you to enjoy. The garden is a collaborative effort by the North Central Wisconsin Master Gardeners and the Monk Botanical Gardens. Take in the expanded view from the Tree House. Browse the new pathways and discover over 110 varieties of registered hostas and other perennials under our newly planted tree canopy within our red pine forest. Get new landscaping ideas and explore the signs that provide easy access to reference materials on the Gardens’ plants. The development of the Gardens started over four years ago. Dana Sampt, a Master Gardener, donated the initial conceptual design for an estimated ¼ acre garden. A jungle, so thick that you could not see your fingers when you stretched out your arm, was cleared. Water drainage and soil problems and weak trees were discovered. A second design by Erin Umlaugh to fix these problems guided the building of the ¾ acre bermed landscape you’ll see today. Thanks to Master Gardeners and Monk Botanical Gardens volunteers, the area was planted and mulched with the guidance of Marissa Ashbeck, the Gardens’ Horticulturist.

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Financial support was vital to making the Shade and Hosta Garden happen. Master Gardeners secured needed financial support, including an urban forestry grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program and two donor-advised contributions from The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin. Land Art donated expertise. And, local businesses, especially nurseries, provided discounts and advice. The hours of volunteer work alone are estimated at over $30,000. The Shade and Hosta Garden will continue to improve in the future. With ongoing community support, you’ll see new hostas and trees, improved seating and education spaces, and garden features. The garden will be an evolving gem for generations to come, providing a shady, peaceful place for visitors to gather, learn and relax.

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