Corydalis: Also known as Spring Larkspur. These wonderful spring beauties are blooming purple and pink hues in the Northcentral Wisconsin Master Gardener’s Shade and Hosta Garden. They are known for their hardy spring blooms that last throughout spring paired with fern-like foliage. You can plant the tiny bulbs in fall for a spring show!

Yellow Crocus: Crocus flavus is showing its cheery petals in Herbie’s Garden by the Kaleidoscope. Grass-like leaves give way for the powerful golden blossoms.Plant the corms in fall for a bit of whimsy in spring.

Bloodroot: Sanguinaria canadensis gets its common name from the red sap found in the roots and stems of this woodland plant. Serrated lilypad-like leaves are adorned with vibrant white flowers in spring. The leaves and flowers are just starting to unfurl in the warmer weather ahead. Bloodroot is a great woodland groundcover.

Purple Prairie Trillium:  Trillium recurvatum has little purple petals that draw your attention to the unique mottled foliage. The deep purple-red blossom lasts about 3-4 weeks in spring, and then creates a seed head that is enjoyed by wildlife. Check out this unique trillium in Herbie’s Garden.

Purple Corydalis at Monk Gardens

Purple Corydalis

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