The gardens are coming alive with a vibrant rainbow of blossoms. As you meander around the Gardens you will find Lilacs, Azalea, Mountain Ash, Black Cherry, Giant Allium, Virginia Bluebells, Pulmonaria, Pigsqueak, Crabapples, Bleeding Hearts, Iris, Grape Hyacinth, Pasque Flower, Mayapples, Trillium, Fernleaf Bleeding Heart, Golden Groundsel, and Jacob’s Ladder.

The Azaleas are popping their pastel flowers throughout the Meditation Garden and the Northcentral Wisconsin Master Gardeners Shade and Hosta Garden. The “Northern Lights” series encompasses orange, pink, white, and yellow blossom colors. Did you know that they are part of the Rhododendron family? Wander around the Gardens to see which color variations you can find.

Pink Azaleas at Monk Botanical Gardens


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