As things heat up at the Gardens, the staff are hard at work maintaining existing garden beds and adding new exciting varieties to the gardens. This week we were able to focus our efforts on planting the Kitchen Garden and annual bedding plants near the entrance. Keep an eye out for unique plant varieties that you can incorporate into your own gardens at home! Along with the new additions, we have been admiring the blooms on Azaleas, Jacob’s Ladder, Golden Groundsel, Bleeding Hearts, Lilacs, Dogwoods, Brunnera, Pulmonaria, and the Giant Allium.

Giant Allium emerge from against the bulb that is planted in Fall. They are one of the later Spring-Blooming bulbs in our area. The massive leaves emerge with a single bud in the center. Once the late-Spring heat comes, the buds burst into purple, blue and white firework-like blossoms. They look like lollipops dancing in the wind. Check out these amazing bloomers near our entrance in the Wildflower Woods.

Giant Allium at Monk Botanical Gardens

Giant Allium

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