‘Scarlet Runner’ Beans are popping their vibrant orange blossoms in the Legume Plot. Phaseolus coccineus has vigorous twining vines that grow up to 15 feet high if supported. When tender the beans can be eaten and prepared just like green beans. Once past their tender stage, the beans can be harvested and dried down. Scarlet Runner Beans are known for their beautiful, pink-speckled beans. Enjoy this vibrant variety while walking through the Kitchen Garden. Throughout the Gardens, there are Astilbe, Shasta Daisy, Yarrow, Peas, Snakeroot, American Linden, Masterwort, Fleabane, Hosta, Salvia, Wild Bergamont, Smooth Hydrangea, and Daylily blooming.

Scarlet Runner Bean at Monk Botanical Gardens

Scarlet Runner Bean

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