As you enter the Gardens, you will see what looks like purple lollipops dancing in the wind. If you listen, you will hear the hum of bees and bumblebees working diligently on the ‘Windy City’ Allium. These long-blooming perennials can be found in an array of purple shades, including varieties like ‘Millenium’, ‘Medusa’, ‘Blue Eddy’, ‘Lavender Bubbles’, and ‘Serendipity’. Ornamental Onion, or Allium, ranges in size from 8 inches up to 24” inches tall. These are a great addition to any garden if you are looking for a summer bloomer. Some other plants that are keeping the pollinators busy are Liatris, Joe Pye Weed, Coneflowers, Gray Coneflowers, Russian Sage, Ornamental Grasses, Beebalm, Shasta Daisy, Anise Hyssop, and more!

Windy City Allium at Monk Botanical Gardens

‘Windy City’ Allium


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